Why Outsource When You Can Automate.

It is not uncommon to discover that of 100 renewal opportunities provided to a human-centric quote function, that no more than 10 opportunities are issued from that list, leaving 90 opportunities available for closure.

Discover how Renewtrak's state-of-the-art automation service offers the most effective channel to manage renewals and grow revenue. 

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Renewtrak Automate Renewals

Speed and Accuracy

Automation, when deployed correctly, ensures that there is almost 100% quote accuracy from Day 1,



Clients don’t have to wait 7-10 days for a quote, and have immediate satisfaction and control, that ensures maximum engagement and renewal rate.


No Renewal Left Behind

An automated approach ensures that no renewal is left behind, but it also uses the power of the machine-learning to provide multiple different quote variants for the End User.

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With renewal rates across the IT industry predicted to be 24.9% for 2018/2019. It is clear that there is a strong opportunity to improve the level of renewals revenue, and yet this area of opportunity remains and one that technology organizations struggle to exploit efficiently.

Why Outsource When You Can Automate

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