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In short, given enough resources – people, money and effort – almost everyone can get to an 80%+ renewal rate, but there is a more efficient, effective, and profitable way to achieve this. 

In this whitepaper, you will discover how to drive up renewal rates to 80% or more.  

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Renewtrak Rate Growth

Demonstrate Value Early

Specific and relevant examples of the manner in which the product or service has added value to the customer are sure to improve the case for renewal.


Timely and Accurate

It is important for any organisation seeking to improve its renewal rate to have specific knowledge of what is being renewed. To ensure that all the right information makes its way to the right people.


The Hidden Risk

The process of renewal and associated customer interaction, if not handled efficiently and professionally, may leave the door open for a competitor sale.

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With renewal rates across the IT industry predicted to be 24.9% for 2018/2019. It is clear that there is a strong opportunity to improve the level of renewals revenue, and yet this area of opportunity remains and one that technology organizations struggle to exploit efficiently.



Drive Up Renewal Rates to 80% or More!

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